Coda File System

Hoarding problems

From: Quinn Weaver <>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 22:51:58 -0800 (PST)
Hello again,

Despite decent progress with Coda on Windows, I am getting a slow sinking
feeling about is overall feasibility. :( (I worked around the last problem,
which was clog crashing whenever it was invoked, by mounting only one
volume per client and giving system:anyuser complete read, write, insert,
delete, and list permissions on that volume.)

The latest problem is that hoard fails.  I tried with this example hoardfile:

a N:\Hello.txt 1000:d+

It produced these results:

C:\WINDOWS>hoard -d -f hoard.txt
cwd = /WINDOWS
ruid = 500, euid = 500
Entering GetVid (N:\Hello.txt)
path : \Hello.txt
DeviceIoControl failed with error 2
GetVid: N:\Hello.txt -> 0

Shouldn't hoard work on Windows in general?  If it doesn't, I am once
again in the position of having to abandon my project.  (In this case,
disconnected operation is essential.)  If there is some obvious mistake
I am making, please let me know.  I notice in passing that the real and
effective user IDs are set to 500, whereas hoard demands that the effective
UID should be 0.  I don't know what an "IoControl" means in the context
of Windows :( or what error 2 denotes, but this does not sound good.

Worse yet, when I disconnect, create a new file in N:\, and then attempt to
reconnect, I get the message "Reintegrate qweaver pending tokens for uid=500"
in the venus window.  (qweaver is the name of the mounted root volume.)
This goes on indefinitely; attempts to open other files from N:\ (which
reside on the Coda server) fail, causing Windows pop-up displays with this
kind of text:

Cannot open the N:\Hi.txt file.

Make sure a disk is in the drive you specified.

Do I have to authenticate in order to reintregrate?  If so, all is lost.
I can't authenticate because of the clog bug.

Please tell me what you know about these matters.

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