Coda File System

How to Createing Volume

From: Masanori Nishijima <>
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2000 16:33:33 +0900
Hi, from Japan

Even setting up is a little more.

It is an elementary question.
For example, when I want to show /usr/home/foo of a SCM & FileServer,
the next comes.

# createvol_rep E0000100 /vicepa

% clog foouser
username: foouser
Password: xxxxxxxx

% cfs mkm /coda/test

% cd /coda/test
/coda/test: No such file or directory
% file /coda/test
/coda/test: broken symbolic link to

Though I don't know how to make Volume well,
I don't think that "/usr/home/foo" is judged only by "".
Which command is it to make a volume-name cope with the exported directory a
nd machine?

In the former question ("Aborted updateclnt and core dumped").
It went well by writing it in /etc/hosts that "updateclnt" didn't go well.

Thx a lot.

Masanori Nishijima

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