Coda File System

New and improved.. Coda 5.3.5

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2000 21:40:14 -0500
A new version of Coda, 5.3.5 has been released,

Binaries have been built for the usual set,
 FreeBSD 2.2.5 and 3.1, NetBSD 1.3, Linux (RedHat-5.2)   (all i386)

Coda clients and servers have been build successfully on ARM, PPC, and
SPARC processors, as well as for Solaris. For the daredevils, the second
alpha release of the the Solaris kernel module source is available at,

* Bugfixes that went into this version.

- Lots of fixes for Solaris.
- gethostbyname problems on FreeBSD.
- An SFTP bug caused select to return EBADF.
- Fixed double free of sftp packets on disk errors.

Server related.
- Bad COP2 handling lead to undetected server-server conflicts.
- Several weak-reintegration problems fixed.

Client related
- Trickle reintegration and repair `preserve store operation' both had
  problems with correctly shadowing files.
- cfs rmm didn't inform the kernel that the directory was gone.
- cfs forcereintegrate reported success even though nothing was
- Weak reintegration tried to resolve the wrong files.

Build related.
- Various cleanups.

* New features

- Moved default location of venus.log to /usr/coda/etc.
- Making backups of owrite files that are about to be discarded to
  /usr/coda/spool during venus startup/recovery.
- Private mmapped RVM data for for norton.
- Ported to Solaris 2.7 (i386).

* Compatibility with previous versions
    - network protocol:                 5.3.1+
    - Coda clients:                     5.3.4+
    - Coda servers, RVM/vicepa:         no changes
                    pdb databases:      5.2.3+

* Other released stuff

LWP is at version 1.3. As this release only has build related fixes it is
a source-only release. The libraries are still identical to the version 1.1
released binaries that are available on the Coda ftp site.

Solaris-coda kernel code version 0.02. Should now work on Solaris 2.6
and Solaris 2.7, on both sparc and i386.

* Notes

The LWP library is now built and released independently. It can also be
built as a shared library on i386-based platforms which decreases the
total size of the Coda binaries a bit.

When installing the precompiled binaries, you need at least the prepackaged
lwp-1.1 shared libraries. e.g. lwp-1.1-1.i386.rpm on RH Linux.

In order to compile the Coda sources either install lwp-dev-1.1, or build
(and install) lwp from source.

LWP can be found on the Coda ftp site in the same locations as the Coda
binaries and sources.[netbsd-x.x|freebsd-x.x|linux|src]/
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