Coda File System

Re: venus death/codasrv problem?

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 21:02:20 -0500
On Thu, Feb 03, 2000 at 07:55:13PM -0800, Tom Tarka wrote:
> I'm running a codaserver (v. 5.3.4) on a PowerPC MkLinux machine.
> When I start venus on an intel RHL machine pointing at this server,
> it pretends to connect, then just dies.  However, when I point at the
> testserver, I have no problems -- so I assume it's a server issue.
> Is there anything I can do to better find out what's happening?
>     -t
> 17:40:40 Initial LRDB allocation
> 17:40:40 Getting Root Volume information...
> 17:40:42 Venus starting...
> Program terminated with signal SIGKILL, Killed.
> The program no longer exists.

That's the child process that tries to mount /coda killing its parent
because the mount failed.

- Can you insmod /lib/modules/.../coda.o without problems?

- Did you unmount /coda after shutting down venus. Sometimes the umount
  fails because some processes are still holding on to dentries/inodes
  in the kernel.

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