Coda File System

Aborted updateclnt and core dumped

From: Masanori Nishijima <>
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 01:35:53 +0900
Hi, from japan

I've just configured a coda-5.3.4 on a FreeBSD-3.3.
when I execute updateclnt, there's kernel error message
and /vice/srv/UpdateClntLog as follows.

# updateclnt -h 'cat /vice/db/scm' -q coda_udpsrv &
Jan 29 01:24:49 myhostname /kernel : pid 447 (updateclnt)
	uid 0 :exited on signal 6 (core dumped)

# more /vice/srv/UpdateClntLog
01:24:49 Update Client pid = 447 started at Sat Jan.......

Cannot bind to rpc2portmap; exiting
assertion "0" failed: file "iomgr.c", line 293

I try to find the the cause, but I don't figure out it.
Please advise me.

I am poor in English, Give me a break...

Masanori Nishijima
Received on 2000-01-28 11:41:57