Coda File System

Re: AXP and Venus?

From: Tom Tarka <>
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 12:46:37 -0800
Uriah Queen wrote:

> Just started to play with coda and got it working with no problem on my
> x86 linux box.  tried to get it to work on the Alpha sitting here and apon
> loading venus I get a couple of unaligned traps (4 to be exact) and a
> stall at "loading recoverable store".   Unfortunutaly I dont know if that
> would be an error in lwp or not....  Any pointers befor I start ripping
> into to this would be thankful.

i had the same errors but was thinking I had a hardware problem with
something in my scsi chain.  (in fact, I did, as one of the drives died
a few days later).

Actually, I got these errors on starting rpc2portmap and IIRC, occaisionally
updatesrv, etc. (depending on the build) when starting the server for the
first time.

Any pointers are appreciated.

Received on 2000-01-27 15:48:24