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RE: coda and qmail, hard links

From: Mark Peglow <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 14:44:28 -0600
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> From: Shafeeq Sinnamohideen []
>   Apparently Cyrus depends on file locking to prevent such 
> disasters from
> happening. AFS and Coda do not provide this - they both use session
> semantics (update on close) which somewhat reduces the usefulness of
> file locking, and the number of programs that need it are are small
> compared to the number that will benefit from the better caching
> session semantics allow. Not to mention the trouble 
> disconnection would 
> cause. The downside is that programs that need locking 
> (mostly databases
> or similar) will have to do it outside of the file system. 
>   So, unfortunately, your setup probably won't work. The Cyrus team
> was looking at replication, but I don't know what exacly 
> they're planning.
Rats!  Thanks for help, I try to something else.

> Good luck
> Shafeeq

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