Coda File System

Backup questions

From: Claudio V. Peredo <>
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 15:22:11 -0500
Hello all,

    I've setup the SCM (A) and a replicated server (B) as well as backup
coordinator (C).  All the configurations are transferred between these
servers without a problem.  I've also created a replicated volume which
expands between A and B.   I am using the default 'dumplist' file which
has entries for both the root and the replicated volumes, and I am
having the following problem:

    It seems that I am able to run the backup only once.  It seems to
create three of directories (one in the backup partition /backup1 on C
named after the date (28Dec1999) and the others in the directory where
the backup program is run also on C names after the machine names
(A.domain, B.domain).  If I erase these directories then I am able to
run backup again.
What am I doing wrong?

    Also, the backup process created 3 files in /backup1/28Dec1999/
      1)  A.domain-7f000000.1000001  (root)
      2)  A.domain-7f000001.1000002  (sources)
      3)  B.domain-7f000001.2000001  (sources replica?)

    Is 1) the root volume?  Is 2) the replicated volume? Why is there a

I am trying to perform a restore of this backup, I brought file 2) from
the backup coordinator to the SCM.  In the SCM, I ran:
            volutil restore A.domain-7f000001.1000002 /vicepa

A new entry is created in /vice/vol/VolumeList listed as
'sources.0.restored' where sources is the name of the volume that was
backed up.  Is sources.0.restored the name of the volume which contains
the backed up data?

I attempted to create a mount point for the new volume
(sources.0.restored), from a client:
    cfs mkmount /coda/test sources.0.restored

It creates an entry which looks like 'test -> #sources.0.restored' when
I issue an 'ls -l' command.
cfs lsmount /coda/test says: Dangling sym link; looks like a mount point
for volume "sources.0.restored".

I am unable to cd into the /coda/test directory.

Please help.

Claudio Peredo.
Received on 1999-12-28 15:53:34