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test server and other questions (was: Re: coda test server)

From: Ben <>
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 17:28:22 -0500
On Sun, Nov 21, 1999 at 04:08:37PM -0500, Jan Harkes wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 21, 1999 at 12:11:38PM -0500, Thomas Valentino Crimi wrote:
> > Excerpts from mail: 21-Nov-99 coda test server by 
> > > I just compiled and installed the coda 5.3.3 tarball under Debian Linux
> > > (potato). The coda kernel module is loaded. When I point the client at
> > > it "Cannot find RootVolume".
> > 
> >  One oddity that happened to me when I tried to use
> > "" is that I could ping and nslookup, but
> > venus still couldn't find the machine.  I put it in my /etc/hosts file
> > and all worked fine.. I'm still pretty baffled by it, BTW.  Only venus
> > couldn't find the machine and when I used gdb to see what venus was
> > trying to gethostbyname.. it was sure enough correct.
> That is possibly related to glibc mismatches. I'm compiling the rpms on
> a RH5.2 machine which is using glibc-2.0. RH6.0/6.1 are using glibc-2.1,
> but do have a 2.0-compatible library installed as well. My guess is that
> is isn't compatible enough.
> Adding the server name to /etc/hosts fixes the problem. This is actually
> already advised, as it also allows for starting Coda without any network
> connectivity once it has the rootvolume in it's cache.

I compiled this on a i386 Debian Potato computer. I am fairly
certain that it linked against glibc 2.1. I compiled it because the
documentation says that the root volume message can be caused by using
an older client and the debian packages are at 5.3.1 on

This brings up two other questions I had: 

How compatible are the 5.3.x client/servers? Does everyone have to be
using exactly the same version, or is the protocol pretty standard in
each series?

Are there any known problems with coda and SMP computers?

> On another note. The problem connecting to the testserver was because it
> was down. There is currently a limit of about a thousand clients. Once
> that is hit the server fails on an assertion. I guess this is aggrevated
> by the fact that these slots are not recycled, and when people are
> coming in through a NAT box their portnumbers jump about once every 5
> minutes.

What is the ip address of I would like to try it
out again later tonight.

Also, when looking to setup coda on the FreeBSD computers today it
wasn't clear to me what the current situation was with the kernel. The
latest releases of FreeBSD include coda kernel options but you mention
on the web page that coda since version 5.0 is distributed under the GPL
license. This makes me wonder whether the code distributed with FreeBSD
will work with newer versions of coda. I couldn't find information
telling me if it would or wouldn't work, the README.BSD file in the coda
source tarball seemed dated. Is the code included with FreeBSD adequate
for using coda 5.3.3?


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