Coda File System

coda test server

From: Ben <>
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 02:59:19 -0500
It is late here and I am tired, so I will make this brief and elaborate
in the morning if you need me too.

I just compiled and installed the coda 5.3.3 tarball under Debian Linux
(potato). The coda kernel module is loaded. When I point the client at it "Cannot find RootVolume".

I consulted the documentation. My /etc/services file is correct, I have
plenty of hard drive space, and though I am sort-of being nated I have
never had any problems with udp traffic before (quake & other things).

The documentation suggests: cmon

Which printed that was not a valid server. I
noticed that the host command failed to look it up and that the title
of the section was "... connect to" so I ran
venus-setup with that option which also failed to find the RootVolume.
I also tried, which has a different ip address, this
didn't work either.

Is the test server down for repairs tonight? Is there something simple
my tired mind is missing?

Regardless I will setup, or attempt to setup a coda server on a local
lan FreeBSD machine tomorrow.

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I apologize if
I am being a nuisance.

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