Coda File System

problem with "coda.o"

From: Vidyamani Parkhe <>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 10:31:05 -0500 (EST)
I have been trying to install coda (5_3_3-1) on linux (2.2.13).

The machine uses a "Local Loopback" hence I want to configure client
and server on the local machine.

I am facing the foll. problem :

I cannot start the server error message:

Cant't open Log Device: No such file or directory 
I zeroed down to tha fact that the "coda" module was not very well
setup !

as suggested i the HOW-TO manuals ... i tried to insert the mod as 

insmod coda.o

but the following error occurs:

coda.o: init_module:Device and resource busy.

I think there is where the problem lies .... 

also, the local client does not seem to get connected to the local
server - also the "lsmod" command does not output an entry on "coda"

 Error message:

GetRootVolume: can't get root volume name !

I check the /etc/services file is allright - 



p.s.: the machine is a unknown !


Vidyamani Parkhe
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Received on 1999-11-19 10:33:18