Coda File System

Re: IP fragmentation

From: Tom Ivar Helbekkmo <>
Date: 04 Nov 1999 07:45:29 +0100
One thing I've failed to understand from browsing the Coda
documentation: _why_ is there a private re-implementation of RPC?  A
brief summary of the reasons for this decision would be interesting,
if someone has the time to respond.  (They must have been rather
powerful, to be worth absorbing the cost of implementation and
debugging, I assume?  This is difficult territory, and I was not
surprised back when I tried to get Coda running under NetBSD before
you folks did, and I gave up when, after many hours of debugging and
modifying rpc2, I still failed to get authentication working.)

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Received on 1999-11-04 01:46:27