Coda File System

Re: concerning my previous mail

From: Som Bandyopadhyay <>
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 1999 08:57:50 -0700
I keep hearing a new name "InterMezzo"...are people more busy in
"InterMezzo" these days?

thanks, som.

>>> adparker_at_MIT.EDU 11/01/99 09:40AM >>>
I'm waiting for an answer to your previous email as well. I'm just a
listener hoping to learn more about CODA. But as you can probably
tell, the CODA list has little traffic. 


In message <>, Remo Strotkamp writes:
>Hi there,
>I wrote a rather long mail just a couple of days back.
>I did not get any feedback at all, so I am wondering a bit,
>why this is so:
>- Has my mail been in any way offensive???
>- Was the content and the questions just plain stupid, and as this
>worth of a reply???
>- Was the mail not understandable???
>- Is the codalist dead???
>- Is coda dead??
>- Are you guys all at conferences????
>- Are you bears and already in wintersleep??? ;-)
>or am I simply too impatient???
>if anybody reads this PLEASE just hit reply so at least I know
>somebody is listening out there....
>And if you have a little bit of spare time tell me whether:
>a) I will never get answers for my previous mail
>b) Will get answers:
>    i) in a couple of days
>    ii) in a couple of weeks
>    iii) in a couple of months
>c) simply forget about coda
>this would be really helpful for us to plan our use of this
>thanks alot in advance
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