Coda File System

Re: What types of stability problems do people encounter with CODA these days?

From: Bill Gribble <>
Date: 05 Oct 1999 16:52:22 -0500 writes:
> As with all software there are always more things to fix, my question is:
> what types of problems are most typically encountered in using the latest
> version of CODA today?

I have 3 servers and about 8 clients, with something like a dozen
users using the stuff on a daily basis.  Coda is serving everybody's
home directories.

I just installed 5.3.1 yesterday so I can't speak to it yet.  I had
5.2.7 installed since just after it came out.  I NEVER experienced any
data loass due to Coda, period.  The most frequent error was (still
unexplained, BTW) that a client would just "lock up" during the
execution of a script to update user tokens every night.  I saw this
about once a week.  Occasionally a client would freak out for other
reasons, generally related (I think) to file locking (I'd see this on
X login and logout).  The last buglet before upgrading to 5.3.1 was
that a user's home directory (each user's $HOME is a separate Coda
volume) somehow got in a bad state.  The clients would hang on any
attempt to even "ls" that directory or the directory containing its
mountpoint.  AFAICT the server thought everything was just fine.  I
shut everything down, upgraded, and everybody's $HOME was back.

I am pretty pleased with the results of my Coda experiment; the only
big thing that gives me trouble now is the (well-hashed-out here)
design decision that doesn't allow clients to open files bigger than
their cache.

Bill Gribble
Received on 1999-10-05 18:06:28