Coda File System

Potential Coda situation

From: Matthew Kirkwood <>
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 17:15:39 +0100 (GMT)

I have an installation where I see a potential use for Coda.

We have a few servers and an increasing number of Linux clients
running some home-brewed GUI software on various releases of Red

This was fine for a while, but as we move from eight to nearer
fifty clients, it turns into a bit of a maintainability disaster,
as you may well imagine, so I'm looking at options which might
let us centralise some of this.

My favoured solution would be to have a small local (or nfs-)
root partition on each client, a local /tmp and /var and the
rest (basically /home and /usr) shared over the network.

Where possible, I'd like to avoid nfs (wouldn't we all? :) so
Coda seemed like the obvious choice here.  Caching is rather
important here, as we don't want to swamp the network for basically
read-only data (/home isn't too vital - not much goes there)
but we'd like a more comprehensive and reliable solution than
a few shell scripts and rsync.

I'm confident that we can hack the distribution without serious
pain, but I'd like to hear someone on this list tell me that:

1. This sounds sensible
2. Coda on Linux is reliable enough to deal with this sort of
   thing in a production environment
3. There's a neater way than a symlink to do /usr over Coda

Any offers? :)

Received on 1999-09-22 12:17:04