Coda File System

Re: how to install coda-5.3.1 on linux

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 15:03:09 -0400
On Sat, Sep 18, 1999 at 03:50:45PM +0900, Kuniyasu SUZAKI wrote:
> I have now three troubles. Please help me.
> (1)
> Excuse me. My /vice/db/ROOTVOLUME is as following.
> [root_at_hibana /coda]# cat /vice/db/ROOTVOLUME
> 16
> [root_at_hibana /coda]#
> Isn't it strange? I think it was the result that I execute 
> 	createvol_rep 16 E0000100 /vicepa
> The instruction was suggested by vice-setup.
>  - create your root volume: createvol_rep 16 E0000100 /vicepa
> Please tell me how to renew /vice/db/ROOTVOLUME. I execute 
> 	createvol_rep coda:root E0000100 /vicepa
> but the file was not changed.

You probably entered `16' as the answer to the following question while
running vice-setup:
    Enter the name of the rootvolume (< 32 chars) :

createvol_rep doesn't change the name in the ROOTVOLUME file, as it is
also used to create non-root volumes.

Just put "coda:root" in /vice/db/ROOTVOLUME if you want to use that as
your rootvolume.

> (2)
> And I could not remove mounting point at /coda as follows.
> [root_at_hibana /coda]# cfs rmmount /coda/suzaki3
> VIOC_AFS_DELETE_MT_PT: No such file or directory

The ioctl to remove a mountpoint failed, it is one of the few AFS2
inherited ioctls. The ioctl fails to find a valid mountpoint at
/coda/suzaki3. Are you sure it is a mountpoint and not just a directory.

'cfs listvol /coda/suzaki3' should show the name of the volume. If that
is the same as 'cfs listvol /coda' it is just a directory

> (3)
> Is the client rejected after 1 hour? The venus tell me as follows.
> 12:01:51 Coda token for user 0 will be rejected by the servers in +/- 1 minutes
> 12:06:57 Coda token for user 0 has expired

Tokens expire after 25 hours.

> Please tell me how to get the token again. I execute "clog" but it did
> not effective.

Maybe clog <username> will work, root is actually not supposed to have
tokens, as you then authenticates all processes running as root, which
is often not what you would like. That is one of the reasons why Coda
used to even disallow tokens for root (uid 0), and we still don't (or
shouldn't) allow people to create a user with uid 0.

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