Coda File System

Re: errors with installing and running 5.2.7

From: LEE, Yui-wah <>
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 10:00:40 +0800 (CST)
Jt "The Squeegy" Chiodi <> wrote
> Thanks, I have got it working.
> I do have some other questions:
> In AFS, every cell is under the /afs.  Does coda do the same thing?

The concept of "cell" is not yet implemented in Coda.  It will
be a very useful feature, and we look forward if someone 
can work on it. (I am not the guy who knows the most about
any recent developments of Coda.  Ask Peter or Jan for update.)

> If I install the server on a nother pc,  and build another volume,
> will both show up under /coda?  or do I have to do something on the
> SCM to make that happen?  Can I change which machine is SCM?  And if I
> can, how? 

The file /usr/coda/etc/vstab on a client defines what servers the client
is talking to.  Among those servers, only one can be the SCM.  I think
it is defined in /vice/db/scm in each of the servers.  (I believe
that /.scm -- a symlink --and /vice/.scm are obsolete now.  Correct
me if I am wrong.)

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