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RE: Where does Coda fit in relation to DCE?

From: Peter J. Braam <>
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 1999 10:17:21 -0600

While there is a relation due to evolution between Coda and DCE, they are
now in different families.

The DCE networking protocols are different from those of Coda - and not
compatible. DCE/DFS on the client side is indeed closely related to AFS, but
not identical.  DCE/DFS has tokens, AFS has not.  On the server side, DFS is
a total re-write and uses the episode file system with the VFS+ layer to
export standard server file systems.  Coda uses a proprietary format,
similar to that used by AFS (but also very significantly different).

I wrote a paper comparing these various protocols, which you can read at:

Peter Braam

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> Subject: Where does Coda fit in relation to DCE?
> Hi all,
> I have read quite a bit of the Coda information and it seems to me
> that Coda would fit the DCE philosophy quite well.
> I am a bit short on DFS information, but it looks like the differences
> are in the integration of DFS with other DCE components like CDS (Cell
> Directory Services), DTS (Distributed Time Service), RPC, Posix
> Threads.  Is this correct?
> Is there a significant aspect of Coda that does not fit with DCE/DFS?
> Is Transarc's DFS an evolution of AFS-3, e.g. AFS-4 renamed?
> Any answers or pointers to relevant info are greatly appreciated.
> Regards
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> Manfred Bartz
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