Coda File System

LinuxWorld Award

From: M. Satyanarayanan <>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 18:23:12 -0400
Coda was recently chosen by LinuxWorld for its Editor's Choice Award
in the "File Management" category.  This is indeed an unexpected
honor!  Details can be found off

The credit for this achievement is shared by the many contributors,
past and present, whose creativity and effort have made the system
possible.  There are too many people to list individually here, but I
would like to single out Peter Braam.  His energy, technical expertise
& leadership of the Coda project over the past three years have been
indispensable to its success.

While this award is most gratifying, much remains to be done in making
Coda a well-engineered, scalable and robust system.  The willingness
of all of you, the Coda user community, to experiment with the system
and help improve it is the key to its continued growth and evolution.
Thank you for the many contributions you have already made, and even
more for your faith in the vision behind Coda.
Received on 1999-08-12 18:24:55