Coda File System

Re: Disconnected operation problems

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 1999 17:32:06 -0400
On Sat, Aug 07, 1999 at 12:16:20AM +0100, Brian Widdas wrote:
> Hi.
> I installed coda 5.2.7 on a couple of 486s I have. One machine runs
> FreeBSD and acts as a fileserver, with a 2Gb /vicepa partition. The other
> is a laptop running Linux acting as a client. One of the things that
> really appealed to me about Coda was the idea disconnected oparation -
> that I could unplug the laptop from the network and take it somewhere
> else, and still have access to my files. However, I've been having some
> problems with it...
> I stopped venus, physically disconnected the machine, and rebooted
> After reboot, cfs listcache shows
> /coda: 7f000000
>   .
>   ./home/brian
>   ./home
> ???: 1000002
> * .
> * ./fetchmailrc
> * ./mail
>   [etc]
> Venus appears not to be keeping a record of the relationship between
> volumes. It also seems not to cache usernames/passwords, so acquiring
> tokens to do anything with the filestore while disconnected is impossible.

Hi Bryan,

Correct, after a reboot the volumes are not yet `mounted'. I believe
that as soon as you walk through the tree, it will see the mountpoint
remount the volume and fix up the pathnames.

You also seem to have lost the data for both fetchmailrc and mail,
Either because you don't have permission to access them anymore, so
their cached-value is useless, or they were open for writing during the
shutdown of venus. Most likely the first case, I'm mot sure whether
how aggressivly venus discards the file contents. Usernames/passwords
are never stored at all, coda-tokens (the things that authenticate you)
are only stored in VM, and therefore lost across reboots.

You can try 'clog -tofile mytoken', which dumps the token into a file,
and then run 'clog -fromfile mytoken' after a reboot. However, I
recently fixed a little error in the tokenfile reading, and I don't
remember whether that was before or after 5.2.7. If ctokens doesn't show
that you have a token, take the newline character out of the encoded
token string.

I actually hardly ever do a shutdown/reboot, and simply suspend or
hibernate my laptop when going home. That way I don't lose my token and
it saves a lot of time restarting the machine.

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