Coda File System

coda uses its own threads implementation???

From: Lou Langholtz <>
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 1999 01:19:05 -0600
Sorry about this question, I imagine I've just missed some obvious
pre-processor or makefile directive for this....

It seems like Coda uses its own threads implemention as seen in
lib-src/mlwp/*. These files seem to be referenced as OLDLWP and there's
nothing more than a macro define that I can find for a
NEWLWP (libnewlwp.a in the lib-src/mlwp/ Can the LWP API be
re-written to use existing threads libraries like posix threads instead?
Wouldn't that make the code easier to port?

Thoughts? Comments? RTFM suggestions with the right page to read? Ideas?
Received on 1999-08-03 03:06:41