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RE: Backups - Woe is me!

From: Peter J. Braam <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 17:45:55 -0600
Hi Paul,

> 1. Do the backup directories have to be separate partitions?. The
> attached file
> below shows some errors which may be attributable to incompatible
> file systems.
> If raw devices or partitions are required how do we then present
> these at the
> file system level to enable backup by some means or other to a
> tape or other
> backup medium? (I use Arkeia)

Your backup area is OK.  You can dump a many volumes there for backup.  The
problem is that if you want to run the backups twice on the same day, you
have to clean out the log files first, that is what the attached log was
complaining about.

> 2. The second main error listed below points to a missing perl
> module. Is this
> available? If there is a positve answer to 1 above, however, I
> probably would
> not need this.

The coda backup program (which failed in your case) dumps volumes to files
(fully or incrementally).  The script is a program which writes to
tape and talks with the operator etc (you'll have to edit it, it relies on

The perl module can be found a

Good luck.

- Peter -

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