Coda File System

Re: $Home in coda

From: Pete Gonzalez <>
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 22:26:18 -0400
>A cron script is run to assign tokens:
>for u in `ls /usr/local/lib/coda-auth`
>    echo "Setting token for " $u; 
>    fn=`echo "/usr/local/lib/coda-auth/$u" | sed -e 's/ //g'`   
>    su -c "clog $u < $fn" - $u;

This whole cron-job-that-acquires-tokens system seems to be
pointing to a fundamental problem with the integration between
CODA's security model and the regular Unix security model.
IMO authentication and file systems are totally independent
components of an operating system; CODA's ad hoc security model
appears to exist only as a kludge to overcome limitations of
the standard Unix /etc/passwd system.

Is there an existing standard Unix/Linux security model that
would be easier to integrate with CODA?  For example, do these
problems go away when Kerberos is being used for authentication?

Pete Gonzalez
Received on 1999-07-24 22:26:59