Coda File System

server starting but venus dies

From: Ben Woodard <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 15:20:59 -0700
OK I modified my vice-setup-rvm so that it sets the start address to 0x50000000
instead of 0x20000000 and now I can get codasrv to run and for a few seconds
it looked like it was going to work. Then venus went down in a ball of flames.

I did a cfs checkservers and then venus discovered that it had a server to
talk to and promptly died. This wasn't you normal "venus recieved such and
such signal and now will hang around for someone to come along with gdb" sort
of crash this is a "I'm gone crash". I tried brain wiping the venus but
it didn't work.

I tried doing another venus setup and that didn't work. It was like poof gone.
The startup looks something like this:
Coda Venus, version 5.2.7
08:03:18 /usr/coda/LOG setup for size 0x10ce02
08:03:18 /usr/coda/DATA initialized at size 0x433808
08:03:18 brain-wiping recoverable store
08:03:18 loading recoverable store
08:03:18 starting VSGDB scan
08:03:18        0 vsg entries in table
08:03:18        0 vsg entries on free-list
08:03:19 starting VDB scan
08:03:19        1 vol entries in table (0 MLEs)
08:03:19        0 vol entries on free-list (0 MLEs)
08:03:19 starting FSDB scan (1706, 40960) (25, 75, 4)
08:03:19        0 cache files in table (0 blocks)
08:03:19        1706 cache files on free-list
08:03:19 starting HDB scan
08:03:19        0 hdb entries in table
08:03:19        0 hdb entries on free-list
08:03:20 Initial LRDB allocation
08:03:20 Getting Root Volume information...
08:03:20 Venus starting...

The only clue that I can seem to come up with is in the SrvLog I have
a bunch of infomration about volumes not being attached:

07:53:52 Vice file system salvager, version 3.0.
07:53:52 SanityCheckFreeLists: Checking RVM Vnode Free lists.
07:53:52 DestroyBadVolumes: Checking for destroyed volumes.
07:53:52 Salvaging file system partition /vicepa
07:53:52 Force salvage of all volumes on this partition
07:53:52 Scanning inodes in directory /vicepa...
07:53:57 SalvageFileSys completed on /vicepa
07:53:57 Attached 0 volumes; 0 volumes not attached
lqman: Creating LockQueue Manager.....LockQueue Manager starting .....
07:53:57 LockQueue Manager just did a rvmlib_set_thread_data()


Then a whole bunch about LWP's and then the stuff that seems to be relevant

07:53:57 Starting SmonDaemon timer
07:53:57 File Server started Tue Jul 20 07:53:57 1999

07:53:57 Building callback conn.
07:57:01 Building callback conn.
07:57:06 GetVolObj: VGetVolume(1) error 103
07:57:06 ViceAllocFids: GetVolObj error Volume not online

Right after the building callback conn and the VGetObj error seems to be
when venus dies a bloody death.

My guess is that something is still a bit screwed up in the codasrv
and the volume is not attached but I am not sure what that means. I
also think that there is a bug in venus that is causing it to crash
and burn when there are no volumes attached.

Any guidance would be appriciated. ;-) Thanks for all the help so
far. Hopefully, this is generating some useful information for you
guys to ponder -- hopefully.

Received on 1999-07-20 18:16:59