Coda File System

Client/server inconsistency problem

From: Andreas J. Koenig <>
Date: 10 Jul 1999 18:11:15 +0200
When I check the integrity of my client with rsync, the following
command on the client should not try to copy anything (given SERVER is
the coda server):

    % rsync -vae ssh /coda/ SERVER:/coda/

But I get the following error message:

   ./usr/apache/lib/map_box/RCS/,v: No such file or directory

That reveals something is broken somehow. The repair tool doesn't seem
to know about the problem. Trying a repair on either directory or file
leads to

    repair > beginrepair /coda/usr/apache/lib/map_box/RCS/,v
    object not in conflict
    repair > beginrepair /coda/usr/apache/lib/map_box/RCS              
    object not in conflict

So I try rsyncing the other direction, from the server to the client:

    % rsync -vae ssh SERVER:/coda/ /coda/  
    receiving file list ... done
    rename usr/apache/lib/map_box/RCS/,v.a04804 -> usr/apache/lib/map_box/RCS/,v : Resource temporarily unavailable

What kind of inconsistency am I facing here? How can I resolve the conflict?

Received on 1999-07-11 17:59:20