Coda File System

Is CODA right for me?

From: Juan Antonio Martinez <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 14:32:11 +0200 (CET)
On 28 Jun 1999, Soren Dayton wrote:

I'm the sysadmin of a students lab with 100+ PC's. We use netboot to
recreate a mini rootfs on local hard disk on clients, and nfsmount the
/usr partition from a pool of servers

	Were are studying availability of coda in this environment.
Two approachs:

- codamount readonly the /usr partition using replicated servers facilities
- codamount accounts sever ( 1500+ users in 100+ clients )

¿is coda the right way to any of these items? ¿has anyone did it before?

	Any suggestions will be wellcomed. The present problem is duplicate
the real /usr partition in server ( about 1,5Gb ) into /vicepa coda volume, 
in an elegant and easy-to-administer way. ¿how to preserve permissions, 
setuid bits, owners and so in coda volume? ( ie: in coda client /usr will be
a symlink to /coda, and the user -anonymous coda log- must see correct 
permissions in order to execute programs )

	Thanks in advance

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