Coda File System

High availability with Coda

From: Iniaki Fernandez Villanueva <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 20:47:43 +0200 (MET DST)
We are spanish students in computer engineering and we would like to
create a
redundant linux server. Because of this we have been looking for information
about High Availability. We have consider documentation like "Linux High
Availability Howto" by Harald Milz, "Creating Redundant Linux Servers" by
Simon Horman, an possible solutions like FAKE, HEARTBEAT,CODA and FAILOVERD.

Now, our idea is to create a redundant linux server to start with 2 nodes
that offers an important network service like file system. These two nodes
will have equal data and with Coda we achieve the redundant server.

We also need to offer this service to linux clients and WinXX clients, but
actually coda client supports only linux. Because of this we consider these
2 nodes like coda clients and mounting all files under its own /Coda
directory. Afterwards we exports these two directories with Samba and we
obtein a simple file system server with any client (Linux,Win9x,WinNT,..).

These are our questions:

Has somebody tried this?
Is Coda an acceptable solution for this?
Have anybody any idea what the best way to achieve this?
What would you recommend?


       Iniaki Fernández

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