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Re: Setting up CODA on a dialup (dynamic ip) host + Q on backup

From: <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 14:58:14 -0400
Thanks for the help. I finally did get DNS working properly but the problem
persisted - so as you said - DNS likely was not the problem. Anyhow I
then used an ancient Windows user trick(*). I uninstalled, i.e.
dpkg --purge coda-server coda-client, and reinstalled only the server and
lo and behold it worked! (**)

Not very scientific but I'm up and running.

I have another question:

I would like to continue to use my old afio backup scripts and not have to
struggle with a new and seemingly complicated backup methodology.
My original plan was to run the client on the server machine when needed
to back up to my 2G HP tape drive. I know this seems very inefficient but
this is not a very active system. Daily differentials only take five minutes
or so now.

So my question is: for a simple, low activity system is setting up a client
on my server machine for backups easier than doing it the CODA way?
>From a quick perusal of the docs it looks like I would need a lot of disk
space for the CODA way - which I don't have.

The other possiblity that came to mind is to use NFS to export the CODA
volumes from one of the client machines. Can this be done? Note again
I want to optimize for administrater ease of use - not system efficiency.

Or, thinking some more I could use afio + rsh I suppose.

Any advice appreciated.


(*) Not to be confused with an ancient Jedi trick.
(**) Thank you to Anders Hammarquist for making .debs!

Jan Harkes <> said:
| said:
| | I assume this means that coda can't look up something. I setup fake
| | DNS such that nslookup would return
| | which is the correct IP address on the local network. However I
| | couldn't figure out how to get all of DNS working properly (yet),
| | i.e.:
| As far as dns lookups, in general, Coda will only do a lookup for the
| name(s) you passed to it. You should also be able to give ip-addresses.

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