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Re: Setting up CODA on a dialup (dynamic ip) host

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1999 10:28:12 -0400 said:
| I assume this means that coda can't look up something. I setup fake
| DNS such that nslookup would return
| which is the correct IP address on the local network. However I
| couldn't figure out how to get all of DNS working properly (yet),
| i.e.:

As far as dns lookups, in general, Coda will only do a lookup for the
name(s) you passed to it. You should also be able to give ip-addresses.

| 1) Does this look like a DNS problem? I.e. do I have to get DNS
| working before I can use CODA?

Probably not, I can run my client on a disconnected laptop, with only
the FQDN servernames in /etc/hosts. And without anything if I specify
the serversas ip-addresses (although it will be a lot slower because
it does a few reverse name lookups (gethostbyaddr) to print nice names
in the logfiles, however, it is not fatal when that fails.

| 2) If it isn't DNS any suggestions as to what else I should look at?

RPC2_NOBINDING occurs whenever the initial bind handshake didn't 
complete successfully. There are many possible reasons:

- Someone reported that redhat (6.0?) puts a very bad entry in /etc/hosts		myhost.mydomain	myhost
  That address does not compute, it won't route to anything.

- Is the server running?

You might be able to use tcpdump to check for udp traffic to/from ports 
2432/2433 on the server machine, but I don't know if anything show up 
when they get routed through the loopback port. Try
  strace volutil test
  strace volutil -h test
maybe that can give an indication of what goes wrong (volutil is the 
command that sends the actual `create a volume' instruction to the server).

It should do (among a lot of other stuff), a sendto to the server port,
and then a recvfrom.

| 3) Has anyone else setup CODA on a dynamic IP machine or a machine
|      that is disconnected from the net and if so how did you do it?

Yup, dynamic IP is no problem, I use that every night when I check my 
email (which is stored in Coda). Masquerading firewalls are trickier.


ps. you probably need to add the following line to /etc/resolv.conf to 
fix your DNS.

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