Coda File System

Few Basic Coda questions...

From: SOM Bandyopadhyay <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 10:02:53 -0600
1. On Windows platform ( e.g Win95 Coda client ) does CODA( I mean Venus) cache all files irrespective of the mode in which files are opened? When clients are not connected it must be doing this, but what happens in connected state?

If yes, then how the "conflic resolution" done in connected mode....I mean in connected mode two clients operating on the same file having a local cache and modifying does this work?

2. What is the policy of maximum disk size Venus can use for cahcing? 

3. What happens when Venus reaches the limit of the maximum allowed disk space? what is the policy then?

4. How is CODA client's performance when using Windows explorer and browsing the network? Does Venus tries to bring the entire file when explorer does a FIND_FIRST/FIND_NEXT operation? If so, isn't there a heavy degradation of performance? 

5. What is the Win32 function call on which Venus starts caching the entire file? Is it Win32 Open? Find_FIRST/FIND_NEXT? or something else?

thanks, som.

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