Coda File System

Large Coda servers. Maybe YES!

From: Peter J. Braam <>
Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 10:10:31 -0400

We discussed the requests on the lists for large servers and perhaps we
have a simple but good solution.

I already explained that during the next few months we can lift the
scalability of a single server from 10 to something like 50GB (this
figure depends on the average size of files). 

A second things we have boiled up is that in fact it is not difficult to
run multiple coda servers on a single machine - much like one runs
multiple NFS and httpd daemons.   Initially we hope to release a server
that can run on multihomed boxes - you run one codasrv for each home. 
Eventually we might run them on a single home with multiple port
numbers, but this requires many more changes.

So if you want 1/2 a TB: run 10 of these.

An advantage of this solution is that there is containment of problems:
if one server goes down the remaining servers can keep running - so much
of your files remain available.

I've made the changes we need for this, and I'm testing it.  It's not
hard: all that needs to be done falls into two issues:
- bind the UDP networking to a specific IP address
- keep the config files of the servers apart - at least if they are
private to an individual server.

- Peter -
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