Coda File System

Re: one problem for coda authentication

From: Ch-Yuan Tseng <>
Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 00:50:15 +0800
On Tue, May 11, 1999 at 09:39:47AM -0400, wrote:
> That is interesting, I've had several others report this token loss
> problem, and haven't been able to reproduce it.
> But this is the first time I see the `Could not get a valid key' 
> messages. And that is where the server cannot find a magic constant
> in the token it got from the client, and rejects the connection,
> which makes the client throw away the (useless) token.
> Could you run `clog -test' to see whether venus messes up? Clog
> then gives the token to venus, and gets it back to compare if it
> is still the same.
> Jan
cytseng_at_september[/coda]% clog -test admin
username: admin
Sending token to venus
Getting tokens back from venus
Comparing clear token
Comparing secret token
net order:
        AuthHandle = -1
        ViceId = 500
        BeginTimestamp = 0
        EndTimestamp = 926524449
host order:
        AuthHandle = -1
        ViceId = -201261056
        BeginTimestamp = 0
        EndTimestamp = 564410679
Done ! ! ! ! 
cytseng_at_september[/coda]% ctokens

Token held by the Cache Manager:

Local uid: 0
Not Authenticated

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