Coda File System

Solaris port

From: Peter J. Braam <>
Date: Wed, 05 May 1999 16:17:46 -0400
Hey Solaris users!

We are trying to get Coda going on Solaris, Phil is spending time on
that during this summer for the Coda project.

My first impression trying myself was that the header layout on Solaris
is sufficiently different that it might warrant using glibc under
Solaris.  Are there opinions on this? 

How much would autoconf do by analyzing our headers?


- Peter -

Phil Nelson wrote:
> Peter suggested:
> >To port the user level code, you should
> >first build glibc for solaris, otherwise we will end in a murass of #ifdefs
> >and this is not what we want to do with the code. Getting servers going
> >first is probably the best approach.
> I've been working toward getting the servers compiled.  I have a solaris
> machine dedicated to this work.  I have discovered that glibc-2.0 is
> not ported to solaris.  I am assuming it would not be the best use
> of my time to port glibc to solaris but I'll leave that determination
> to you.  Until I hear, I'll start seeing if I can get coda servers running
> under solaris with no #ifdefs (or very few).
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