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Re: laptop went to redhat 6.0, venus stops working

From: Diego Carvalho <>
Date: Mon, 03 May 1999 12:38:37 -0300
"Michael D. Ivey" wrote:

> Film at 11:


> My codasrv is a redhat 5.2 box, and venus is on the former 5.2 laptop,
> which i just took to 6.0...and venus won't start.

 My test system has been running coda on a RedHat RawHide version for a month
 it is not in a good shape.

 First of all, I tried the rpm version out of the box and it was impossible
to set any ACL, and
 I recompiled a new vice from the tar ball.

 The new vice (recompiled on a RawHide and new glibc) seems to run but I can
NOT compile
 anything on the client cause the linker doesn't work (due to corrupted

 The next step was to recompile the venus. Now the clients get crashed on
each coda's rename  call.
 Using the gdb I found that Venus crashes with a sig 11 inside a glibs calls
that manipulates strings.

 Does any one have a guess?


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