Coda File System

Re: group permission

From: <>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 15:23:58 -0400 said:
| I have a volume named public mounted in /coda/public and a group
| called public. I want that all user belong group public can write in /
| coda/public but can't delete file of other users. Is it possible
| without set a acl for any user ? 

Well, you can set an ACL for a group of users, or in your case 
System:Anyuser, the group of all users.

So something like `cfs sa /coda/public System:AnyUser rwil' should do 
the trick.

The ACL flags are:
  r - read
  w - write
  i - insert     (create new file)
  d - delete     (remove file)
  l - lookup     (I had problems when this was not permitted)
  a - administer (set acl's and stuff)
  k - lock       (not supported)

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