Coda File System

Re: Mail delivery on CODA: was Re: NFS vs CODA

From: Bruce Campbell <>
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 14:47:15 +1000 (EST)
On Mon, 26 Apr 1999, Troy Benjegerdes wrote:

> >  - small/medium scale testing,
> >    Nobody has ever done maildelivery in a Coda filesystem, not even for
> >    a single user. Yes, here a couple of us crazy developers do store our
> >    email in Coda, but the delivery is still done to the local disk and
> >    only the `received' mailboxes are stored in /coda.
> I intend to do just this on my home machines in a few weeks when I get
> time to set up two coda servers.

Tried it about a year ago for a week cc'ing my mail to a specific codaised
maildirs, and was intending to shift the ISP onto it.  Upper management
wasn't too happy about a fleet of identical machines being able to handle
any http/pop3/smtp/squid request over two disparete physical locations,
and it was shelved. [1]

> Any suggestions before I try this? (Yes, I'm going to use procmail to send
> duplicate copies of all my non-mailing list mail to another 'regular'
> machine when I try this ;) )

It works for the most part, but sometimes it can take a while to deliver a
message, particularly if you get a lot in one chunk.


[1] Upper management weren't too cluey in the way of reliability, and
    thankfully I've changed jobs, putting an end to such amusing things as
    resoldering HDDs of primary (and only) mail/auth/web servers at silly
    hours. ;)
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