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Re: Fw: WINSPOOL.DLL (coda 5.2 client win95)

From: Marc Schnieder <>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 19:02:53 +0000
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> Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 1999 8:38 AM
> Subject: WINSPOOL.DLL (coda 5.2 client win95)
> > Good Day sirs,
> >
> > I am experimenting with coda on win95,
> > after installing and rebooting I got a message from Windows that it
> couldn't
> > install a system file,

when did you get this message? was it a message box or an error even
before the gui started?

> > i got coda working but: when I try to open a MS-Word file by double
> clicking
> > on it, I get the message
> > 'Can't find the DLL-file, WINSPOOL.DRV'

MS-Word looks for the file. It always starts in the directory where the
double-clicked file is. Make sure that this file is really in the search
path. Can you start MS-Word normally (without double-clicking a file)?
Can you then open your doc file in coda?

To see if it is coda related or another windows/office related problem
we have to look in the Coda FSD debug file. The Coda kernel module
prints debug messages in the file (c:\VXD.LOG). Find this file and look
at its end right after you see the error message. Use the codastart
program to make sure that no other communication occured before opening
the file (otherwise it might be difficult to find the position where the
error occured). You can delete the file if it is too big and try again.
Or just send me the file (just the relevant output).

Do you have any other file system installed, except the standart one?
Can you still access your local and/or network drives?

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