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Re: Venus crashes after mkdir on Linux

From: <>
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999 10:06:53 -0400 said:
| But when I try to create a subdir (in the root-Volume or some other
| volumes) the "venus -init" crashes

Hi Jakob,

I think the following patch might help, Bob had a similar crash, which
was caused by an uninitialized variable, which this patch fixes.

| After having some problems with the compilation:
| Makeconf.linux: -lncurses was missing for -lreadline

Hmm, that would be -lncurses, or -ltermcap depending on what the OS 
provides. Don't know how to specify that in the yet.

| lwp.c: added "typedef unsigned long register_t;" 

Could test for that, but I might just as well replace all register_t
with unsigned int, they are only used on i386.


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