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Re: Other OSes?

From: Peter J. Braam <>
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 13:55:35 -0400
Hi Anders,

A compile on Solaris would be most welcome.  I think it might be a good
idea to ignore the client kernel code in the first instance and get
venus and the servers going.

For the client kernel code, there are a couple of alternatives.  First
with the Solaris kernel development kit, it shouldn't be too hard -
particularly given that one can learn from the ARLA code.  On the other
hand,  kernel code is always very time consuming to debug.

Another possibility is to use an NFS/Coda translator that offers a
modified NFS server inside Venus, running on the Coda client.  It
doesn't give all of the benefits of a native client implementation, but
it would run, without kernel modules on any client which has an NFS file
system, and offer disconnected operation.

Paola Scherman and Sergio Romano have been working on this and  are reasonably far

Let me know about any progress you are making!

- Peter -

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Subject: Other OSes?

: Hi,
: I have a vague memory of someone thinking about/doing a Solaris port a
: back. Has this gotten anywhere? The way things are working out, a
: client would be really handy. If it's at the stage "you want it, you
do it"
: I'll probably have some time come end of May. Anyone else up for it?
: /Anders
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