Coda File System

Re: cvs coda?

From: <>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 15:12:31 -0500 said:
| Jan Harkes wrote:
| > How did the talk go? Did you manage to get everything running for the
| > demo?

| Nope, afraid not.  It wasn't nearly as big a loss as VNC would have
| been; Coda isn't visually very spectacular even when it works, while
| VNC is.  I just sat on the table and talked about Coda and what it
| could do.

Have you seen the logcmls/logreintegration/etc. tcl/tk/tix scripts? 
They are an attempt at presenting some of the information from codacon 
in a slightly more visually appealing way. They are still a far cry 
from a GUI ofcourse.

| I will still be working on it, though.


| > | I began describing the differences, and then I realized: Coda's
| > | functionality closely mirrors that of CVS.
| > 
| > How's that? CVS gives every developer his own sandbox for development,
| > so that people working on the same files will not influence others.
| > However, in Coda, everyone is working on the exactly same files, with
| > the small exception that they do not influence each other while working
| > disconnected.

| In Coda, when you open a file for write [in write-connected mode], how
| soon can others see your changes?  Immediately?  After you close the
| file?

After you close the file. The file is stored on the server when the 
last writer closes it.

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