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Re: cvs coda?

From: <>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 12:16:34 -0500 said:
| At the talk on Coda I gave yesterday, someone asked what the advantage
| was of using Coda instead of just making local copies of files.

Hi Kragen,

How did the talk go? Did you manage to get everything running for the 

I guess that that question already exactly describes the advantage. 
There is no need to make local copies of files. Therefore less chance
that one forgets on which machine, or in what directory a file is, and
little work for keeping all the local copies in sync. So when people
don't forget to reintegrate disconnected changes, they always have the
latest version of the file.

| I began describing the differences, and then I realized: Coda's
| functionality closely mirrors that of CVS. 

How's that? CVS gives every developer his own sandbox for development,
so that people working on the same files will not influence others.
However, in Coda, everyone is working on the exactly same files, with
the small exception that they do not influence each other while working

| It seems that the obvious thing to do would be to add Coda's features
| to CVS, perhaps as a layer over the top (the way CVS is a layer over
| the top of the RCS code), particularly since Coda is so huge and
| difficult to build.

Well, yes, but that wouldn't be Coda then, would it :)

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