Coda File System

Some question

From: Simone Celli Marchi <>
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 22:24:23 +0200

I'm a novice and I have some question about coda. My goal is to install coda
on my university (about 40 computer), so I start with a test with a couple
of computer. The first is setup to be the scm and the second a normal
server. On any machine there is 1Gb dedicated to coda file system.
These are my question :

- how can I do to know if the two server are communicating ?
I tried to copy 1,5Gb on data in /coda, but after a 1Gb the copy fail, so I
have this doubt :

- if I have two server with each 1Gb, I have a total of 2Gb, or the second
  server take a copy of scm data ?

Last question : when I setup venus with venus-setup, in the list of servers
I must list only scm servers, right ? But what does this mean ? What is the
mean to use two scm server ? If I have a scm server on my machine, said, what appen if I do venus-setup, 20000 ?

Sorry for my bad english!

Undergraduate student of Computer Science 
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Received on 1999-03-28 16:43:24