Coda File System

use 5.20 tarballs or wait for .debs?

From: Tim <>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 13:41:27 -0500
I've never successfully compiled Coda, but I like Debian so I'd prefer
to run it on my Debian setup.  I can use alien to convert RPMs to .debs,
but sometimes that doesn't work right, because the layout of Debian is
different from RedHat.

So, if I want to run 5.20 on Debian, and my kernel is 2.2.3, should I
try compiling from the tarballs?  Which ones do I need to get?  (oh, and
do I need to get patches for the kernel module to be up to date?)  The
only other time I set up Coda was from RPMs, because the webpages told
me to ;-).  That was with 4.65. This time I am going to ask the list,
because my company wants to roll Coda out.
(just for limited deployment, as an experiment... don't get all huffy at

ps.  I will get someone to try out the Win95 client if someone would be
kind enough to give me a straight answer.  Thanks again and keep up the
great work!  It's still amazing to me that a Better AFS is freely

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