Coda File System

Re: Building (an trying) Coda 5 on FreeBSD-3.0

From: Robert V. Baron <>
Date: 27 Feb 1999 14:39:21 -0500
Sylvain ROUGIER <> writes:

> 	Hello,
> I am sorry for such a RTFM question, but I can't find any answer.
> How could I build the kernel parts ( preferably lkm, but new kernel are OK) of  Coda 5.x.y on FreeBSD-3.0 ?
> I know how to build command, but not the kernel part.
> S.R.

I do not prefer lkm's.  But you should just go to /usr/src/lkm/coda
and do a make there.  (I think that's the directory, I'm on klds and elf
kernels here.)

Another choice is to go to the kernel build area and grep -i coda in the LINT
file.  Copy those lines to your "GENERIC" configuration file and then rebuild
the kernel.

Finally, if you are using kld's just go to /usr/src/sys/modules/coda and type
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