Coda File System

Unauthenticated user or system processes writing files on /coda

From: Alessandro Bruciamonti <>
Date: Wed, 03 Feb 1999 17:39:52 +0100
Hello all!

Apologies for the new-bie question...

I've just set up a Coda server (many thanks to people who
helped me), to serve as a mail server for some users. 

I noticed that unauthenticated users write on Coda
filesystem with "nobody" permission user id and I'm seeking
for a simple way to allow unauthenticated user processes to
write on Coda filesystem with their own Unix user ids.

Shortly, I need that a process belonging to "http" user can
write on coda filesystem its own files with the proper http
(unix) user permission's acls, without the need of
authenticate the process http as Coda user.

Is there a way to allow such unauthenticated system or user
processes to write on Coda filesystem preserving Unix
permissions, groups, ids, without even authenticating
processes as Coda users?

Thank you for your help and greetings from Italy!


Alessandro "Alex" Bruciamonti
Received on 1999-02-03 11:42:00