Coda File System

venus/comm.c change, and rpc2 for 5.0.0

From: Laszlo Vecsey <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 12:40:02 -0500 (EST)
The following change is needed, at least for GNU/Linux running with the
more recent glibc's (currently alpha, around 2.0.110),

    /* SFTP initialization. */
    s = getservbyname("venus-se", 0);

That line needs to be changed to pass in either "udp" or "tcp" as the
second arguement, because 0 is undefined and appears to segfault..

I've been making this change since 4.6.6, and its still needed with 5.0.0.

Other quirks like this (with this new glibc) include segfaults when
running close() on a null file descriptor, and so forth. I wonder how else
it might be affecting the coda package..

It would be great if linux coda RPM's could be provided linked against the
new glibc's as well.. linux distributions like redhat and the others will
be moving to it soon.

I'm very close to finally getting the client to connect to the test server
(doesnt sound like much I know, but coda really is a moving target) --
Looks like the get root volume name problem I had is fixed now that the
test server is upgraded, and with the above getservbyname change, last
step for me I think is to merge in the new rpc2-5.0.0 tar that I found on
the coda site. I get the following error without it:

	11:37:00 Venus starting...
	11:37:00 fatal error -- vsgent::Connect: (e0000100) failed (-2001)
	11:37:01 RecovTerminate: clean shutdown

Is there a recommended way to merge in these appended sets of files that
show up, and usually tend to compile separatly? I believe the include
files haven't changed, so I just moved the directories like rp2gen, rpc2,
fail, etc, into their proper place in the main coda distribution.

- lv
Received on 1999-01-19 12:40:50