Coda File System

Re: mysterious crash, and unimplemented vnodeops

From: Robert V. Baron <>
Date: 30 Nov 1998 17:12:22 -0500
<> writes:

> Greg,
> Thanks a lot!  I'm forwarding this to Bob who will put it in both the
> stable and current FBSD releases.
> - Peter -
There are two different bugs here.  AND there are 4 different BSDs we

> Greg Troxel writes:
>  > I patched cfs_vnodeops to avoid the panic, and now running Netscape 3
>  > on an html file in a coda filesystem produces the following message
>  > and then succeeds
>  > 
>  > 	Nov 23 15:27:00 ti5 /kernel: CFS: Vnode operation vop_select called, but not def
This was a slip up that was only in FreeBSD 2.2.x kernels.  vop_select
should be defined and made to function like ufs_select ... it returns 1.

>  >  ined
>  > 
>  > mknod also similarly fails harmlessly:
>  > 
Again, coda does not support either mknod or mkfifo.  We could discuss
how to kludge in mknod if there was enough demand.  fifo's are much harder.
Right now we are just returning an error.  I am returning EIO -- which
is the same error message that is returned on linux.

We had not planned to go on supporting 2.2.x when we switched to
-current on FreeBSD (The same applies to NetBSD.).  Up till very
recently we had not even built 4.6.6 on 2.2.x FreeBSD (or 1.3 NetBSD)
systems.  We can not keep this up indefinitely.  For now, you can go
to our web/ftp site and visit the
directory.  This contains packages for 4.6.6 client and server, kernel
support code, notes, prebuilt kernels, sources, etc ...  These changes
make 4.6.6 build correctly and contain the latest fixes for some
recent kernel bugs.
Received on 1998-11-30 17:24:50