Coda File System

Re: GetRootVolume: can't get root volume name!

From: <>
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 09:54:05 -0500
> GetRootVolume: can't get root volume name!

Check if the following entries are in /etc/services:

codasrv         2432/udp   # server port
codasrv-se      2433/udp   # udp sftp side effect

Otherwise, check the timestamps of the files in /vice/db are just about the 
same on both servers, if they are not the updateclnt/updatesrv may not be 
running correctly. The errormessage in the other mail you sent indicates that 
your server somehow doesn't know about all existing volumes, so the volume 
location database could be out of sync. 

> VLDB_Lookup: no more records in VLDB 

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