Coda File System

VLDB_Lookup: no more records in VLDB

From: Khairul Azmi <>
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 23:55:52 PST
I'm not successfully running coda 4.6.6 on my linux sparcstation 20. 
However it seem that my client could not see the volume. When I mount 
the volume and then type ls -l /coda the display shows 

lrw-r--r--   1 azmi     65534           8 Nov 25 15:45 azmi -> #u.azmi

and the server's /vice/srv/SrvLog file tell me 

VLDB_Lookup: no more records in VLDB

cfs cs shows the server is up. What have I done wrong? Thanks in 


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Received on 1998-11-25 03:13:11