Coda File System

installed trees with shared libraries in coda, not world readable?

From: Greg Troxel <>
Date: 24 Nov 1998 11:51:53 -0500
I compiled some programs that I wanted to make available to all of my
coda clients.

For this code I ran configure with --prefix=/usr/foo, and then after
doing the install locally copied the tree rooted at /usr/foo to


I set acls on all of this so that it was all for me and rl for the

Then, on clients I made a symlink
 /usr/foo -> /coda/project/bar/foo-top/usr/foo

I tried to run one of binaries me (I had tokens) and it failed not
finding a shared library that was in /usr/foo/lib.
I tried to run ldconfig as root, and couldn't read the libraries.
So I made the library dir world readable, and then I could run

How do people deal with this?  Do I have to create a root user and
give it a coda password, and run clog for it out of cron on the
Any other thoughts?

        Greg Troxel <>
Received on 1998-11-24 11:53:54